Alta Mere Auto Security Systems

Would you like to safeguard your car and your family? As the experts in vehicle security systems, we can help you choose the system best designed to suit your needs. Our professionally trained technicians can modify and add-on to any existing system or install a full security package.


  • Trunk release, ignition locks and starter interrupt available
  • May deter theft and vandalism from your vehicle
  • May qualify you for insurance discounts
  • Offers peace of mind for you and your loved ones against auto theft, robbery or car jacking
  • Various remote options available

Available Options

  • Remote Panic
  • Door Protection
  • Dual Vehicle Capability
  • Active / Passive Arming
  • Anti Scan Technology
  • Magnetic Shock Sensor
  • Dual Stage Impact Sensor
  • Anti Code Grabbing
  • Impact Sensor
  • Motion and Perimeter Sensor
  • Glass Breakage Sensor
  • Ignition Disable
  • Back Up Battery with Paging system
  • Tool Box Protection
  • Tailgate Protection