Trying to find an alternate route?  Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters can provide a mobile GPS unit installed or can even activate a built in unit for you.  There are many solutions to incorporating GPS systems into new or older vehicles.

GPS Navigation

  • Convenience of nationwide maps with step-by-step guided directions
  • Find points of interest when traveling in unfamiliar areas
  • Access saved routes to frequented locations
  • In Dash Access may be available

GPS Location Systems

  • Know where your car is located at anytime – great for monitoring teen drivers.
  • Monitor the speed of the car
  • Notification if car travels outside of pre-determined area.
  • Starter interrupt option


FAQs About GPS

Can I have an aftermarket GPS system installed in my car?

Just because your vehicle didn’t come equipped with a GPS system, does not mean you are limited to a pesky mounted GPS. Almost any vehicle can have a dashboard GPS easily installed.